Year of Reflection 

    It has been over a year now since we quit our jobs and started an adventure of a lifetime. We set our goal of traveling the world long before that, though!  

    Have we been all the way around the world yet? Absolutely not. There are so many places we still want to go see. Could we have already gone around the world? Absolutely, but this is not a race for us. We want to make sure we are giving ourselves time to explore and experience new areas and cultures. Has it been stress-free? Absolutely not. We (okay, I) have had my moments of being maybe a little dramatic and emotional. Hard to imagine, I’m sure! Haha

    We spent an amazing seven months traveling through Europe, Central America, Colombia, and Mexico. We have slept in a handful of airports, when early morning flights or late night arrivals are involved. We still have yet to experience a flight to or from Europe, as we decided two-week cruises would be a more economical and exciting means of transportation. 

    We then went home for Christmas and New Years to spend time with our families, but decided to stay a few months more. It was some of the best quality time we have had with family for years, since we were not rushing to get back to work or school in Arizona.

    In the midst of our break from traveling abroad, we got the opportunity to do a month-long dog and house sit in Boston. The three doggies were the best, and the owner was an amazing woman we are lucky to have met!

    Our last year was meant for us to create meaningful experiences and a lifetime of memories. It has definitely been full of both, abroad and at home. We cannot begin to thank you all enough for supporting us with this crazy idea of quitting our jobs and traveling. Our travel money will run out soon, and we will return to working and saving money for future travels… 

But not before one more cruise and trip through Europe! Then we will set out on an epic road trip with best friends to Portland, followed by some exploring of the Northwest and Vancouver, Canada! 

Cheers to a lifetime of memories and adventures! 



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